Smart Glass

Innovation is Our Tradition

PR Germany bears the initials of founder Peter Reinecke. As the son, grandson and great-grandson of a three generation family of the glass industry, the glass industry was his heritage from the cradle.

Born in 1958 in Cologne, Peter Reinecke spent several years abroad, primarily in the United States of America. After returning from the U.S. in 1980 he stepped into management of the family business KL-megla and played a major role in expanding the business to the U.S. and Asian markets. With his skill sets in international business management, startups, structural planning, international authority relationships and established institutions inland and abroad as well as in establishing contacts with universities and research facilities, he decided to apply his experience in the field of consulting.

This decision led to the foundation of the company “Reinecke Consulting”, the predecessor of PR. The PR Group grew with increasing success and expanded in 2008 with “P.R Agentur für transparente Kommunikation”.

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Due to the rising demand, the major business area of this new business focused on the offer of marketing services, both online and offline.

Specializing in the glass-metal industry and with the asset of an international team of engineers, consulting in the technical and commercial area was the obvious next step with the new- and further development of industry specific products whose patents lie with PR to date.

In the course of restructuring within the business group in 2016, the stakeholders and CEOs took the mutual decision to further specialize all individual businesses. The marketing services were taken over by the subsidiary “Extendit digital solutions”.

With the belief that the material glass is becoming increasingly important, not only due to its static qualities but also by its compatibility purpose of PR depends primarily on developing and licensing innovative technologies.

Family tradition glass industry (from left to right):
Peter Reinecke‘s great-grandfather Christian-Heinrich Reinecke (1862–1930), Master Glazier, Royal Shipyard, Wilhelmshafen; grandfather Karl-Edmund Reinecke (1891–1961), Master Glazier, Founder of Reinecke Company Group 1917; father Karl-Otto Reinecke (1926), Master Glazier, Founder of Megla (Metal-Glas) 1968; Peter Reinecke (1957), Degree Business Management, Founder of KL-megla International and PR Group.