Product Design

Simple is Valuable

Glass meets innovation – our slogan manifests itself particularly in the design of our products. Though the spectacular technologies we develop should stay understated during daily use.

Here a good example: A significant quality criterion of the security concept „Bulldog Glass” is that this system is a fully operable window next to its protective feature and bulletproof glass. In fact, there is no difference in terms of operation in comparison to conventional windows. There exactly lies its strength.

The same applies for the communication glass: at first sight there is a normal shop window that catches attention on demand thanks to the integrated technology – or, in contrary, offers an immediate blockage of undesired views right at the “push of the button”. And yet it is straightforwardly upgradeable like any common shop window.

The PR Climate window in conjunction with the corresponding special frame is an extraordinary system that is optimally energy-efficient despite all high-tech equipment. It can easily be adapted to the requirements of the scheduled architecture at any times.

All these examples make it clear: Next to the genesis and development of a system in cooperation with the respective partners, the focus of our product design is set on innovative engineering, practicability in the installation and handling as well as straightforward retrofitting. However, we never do lose track of the maximum demand for an elegant and practical design.