Anti-Terror Glass

When Security is First Priority

Increasing requirement for security provoked by crime and crossboarder terrorism is a subject that is too frequent in our media. Not only in regards to private residences, but also public facilities such as airports, embassies and police stations are rapidly becoming the target of offenders.

This is what inspired PR Germany to take a hard look at improving the safety of both public and private buildings and how to integrate it with state-of-the-art glass technologies – and to ensure having lowest restrictions in practicality at the same time.

The common practice of installed safety technique, such as the Panzer Glass is not only massive in size, uncomfortable to install, and price intense, but also involves these disfavored restrictions.

The PR ANTI-TERROR Glass Concept

We were asking ourselves, “Is it possible to ensure higher safety while also improving the visual aesthetics while adding new functions to the glass itself using laminate technology?”
For this PR Germany developed a one of a kind prototype window which exceeded our hope of one new feature but three different technologies in one pane.
The switchable glass that has been used only for architectural design purposes, has been re-designed as a new, lighter bulletproof glass along with our patented Controller and special frame. Any potential invasive objects swung, thrown or shot at the pane are caught by the bulletproof and burglary resistant glass. Upon impact, both the affected glass and the panels attached to it become immediately opaque.
Removing visibility of the subject or object upon impact adds security and safety. Additionally, our technology can also integrate additional safety measures that can be instantly be activated through the integrated alarm systems.
Moreover, different sensors were tested on their system compatibility and not only defend against the use of direct violence thanks to the vibration detection, but can also identify the presence of infrared sensors used in weapon systems. Consequently,
an attack can already be tackled during its appearance or completely prevented.
Since the focus does not only lie on the safety relevant aspects of the Bulldog window, but also on the practical ones, the system is installed in a bulletproof frame which handles higher weights thanks to special hinges. Opening and tipping function are permitted as it is with conventional windows.