Communication Glass

There is No Second Chance to Make a First Impression

The first impression about the company, its products and their perceived value are communicated through the conventional shop window.

The creation of an “Eye-Catcher” helps to differentiate oneself from the competitors and catch the attention of potential customers. A modern approach is the design considering the psychological aspects. With the right selection of lighting and frequent rearrangements of the display, the emotions of pedestrians are addressed. Hereby, often so called ‘Spots’ are used in order to shift the highlights of the shop into the focus of perception. Moreover, it is recommended to change the display decoration at least every four weeks. Seasonal events are optimally focused which stimulates the customers for a shop visit.

How is it furthermore possible to arouse the interest through dynamic and innovation to better use the display attractiveness?

The PR Communication Window

To make the first impression a sustainable one, PR Germany developed the “Communication window”. The integrated liquid crystals are controlled by a Controlbox which allows three functions:

As soon as the Controller transmits the electricalcurrent to the laminated film, the crystals align and let the glass appear transparent. In the retail industry, the built-in communication glass becomes the conventional window glass again.

Interactive Touch Screen
A touch sensor technology allows to employ the glass like a Tablet-PC and become an ultimate marketing platform for every kind of product or presentation right at the moment of activation: a projector casts an image on the matte film and allows the viewer to precisely apply his movements like on a Smartphone-Display. The system is capable to be in integrated with movement sensors; this way the sales room can be extended onto along a sidewalk – As customers walk by, they are interactively being informed about the running advertising.

Security Screen
In some cases, such as that of a jewelry business, a shop window may become an information source for potential groups of criminals. To provide anonymity for specific customers who do not desire to “be seen” the glass panel also offers a special security feature: it can quickly and comfortably be switched opaque.